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About Us

Established by military veterans, our company is dedicated to top quality and timely service.  We believe that the highest standards are our baseline of business. 


If something isn't right, we fix it.  If something could be better, we improve it. 


Our reputation is the heart of our company's value system.  No job is too big, and no hours of operation are too late.

Our Company

USA Up Star is a premier service provider for large-scale operations.
We are support capable for US and international locations, and also experts in cross-border transportation and special event needs.
We have a rapid deployment fleet of portable shower, laundry, and bathroom trailers available for set-up, maintenance, and removal.  We also have 150 mobile bunkhouses with 2,100 bedspaces that are perfect for wildfire teams or operations that benefit from a tiny home away from home concept for business professionals.


As a CVE certified business, USA Up Star brings value to government entities beyond your run-of-the mill rental equipment company.  We are used to emergency situations, and excel in reliability and efficiency.

USA Up Star is qualified, certified, and fully capable of handling jobs from small sites and events to major state and federal disaster response.


Meet The Owner




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812320 Dry Cleaning/Laundry Services

722330 Meal Immediate Consumption

722320 Full Service Catering 

624221 Temporary Shelters

624230 Emergency and Other Relief

562998 Waste Management Services

561210 Facilities Support

532490 Commercial Equipment Rental & Sales

541614 Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services

429720 Diesel Fuel & Gas Storage and Supply
236220 Commercial/Institutional Building Construction

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