UpStar provides temporary kitchens and dining facilities.


Emergency Response Catering


USA UpStar is instrumental in providing emergency facilities and food support services in the midst of the hurricanes, environmental mishaps, and manmade incidents.

In the face of hazardous events, special precautions must be taken to protect the life, health, and safety of all people and parties involved. Our teams are experts in operating under a unified command response. UpStar is an industry leader, adhering to all of the local, state, federal, and maritime regulations while maintaining proper personal protective equipment at all times while on the job.

UpStar understands the fast-moving and complex demands that disaster situations may bring. We also understand that any delay in business operations may mean lost revenue for our clients. Our teams have the ability to respond to multiple events simultaneously while simultaneously beginning operations that provide critical services. From catering and temporary facilities to labor, project management, and restoration services, UpStar has specialized divisions that can provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for any natural or unnatural disaster that may occur.

We offer a range of options…

catering tin.jpeg
  • Mobile kitchens with full industrial kitchen capabilities and cold storage onboard

  • Smaller, more tailored trailers for specific needs

  • High volume temporary kitchen structure with mobile gas, h/c water, power

  • Large decks of convection ovens

  • Mobile refrigeration

  • Hot food holding cabinets

  • Stoves

  • Food holding

  • 40 gallon skillets/fryers

Emergency catering

Our professional and reputable fleet services include end to-end transportation management supporting operations

  • Personnel bussing and coaches with CDL operators

  • Temperature-controlled and cold-chain deliveries

  • Very fast tenting, equipment, furniture deliveries

  • Distribution & warehousing of foodstuff, equipment, supplies

  • Asset delivery for agencies, prime contractors

You can relax and rest assured that our experienced fleet management professionals are johnny on the spot to coordinate logistics, support your needs in detail, and handle it with ease so that the responders may instead, address the critical tasks at hand.