fuling and service

USA UpStar provides unequivocal 24/7 service for generator fueling and on-site fueling. We delegate dedicated fuel trucks to companies and government agencies during emergencies. This may include severe weather conditions, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other disasters. UpStar provides critical fuel supply services to governmental agencies, utilities, communication companies, hospitals, delivery services, grocery stores, restoration and other fleet and equipment operators.

“Our extensive network of dedicated trucks are unmatched in expertise, ensuring guaranteed fuel to keep your facilities running, no matter what/where/how/when.”

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On-site fueling and service available

We can have fuel, lube, and servicing available to service any products we supply, as well as anything else in your fleet.

Our on-site fueling program is uniquely equipped to seamlessly deliver for our clients when no one else can.

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emergency fuel response

Customers needing fleets prepared and sites ready to service them on a moment’s notice is another one of our specialties.

“USA UpStar sets up the resources you need, when and where you need them.”


Types of fuels

If you need fuel for on-site heavy machinery or for vehicle convoys, we have you covered.

We off a range of Quality Fuels

All forms and types of fuels and oil can be acquired for your specific needs and locations.