Hygiene and Sanitation


From trailer-hitched porto-potties to deluxe shower…

Each of our restroom, shower, and laundry systems are self-contained and capable of independent operation. We can provide the power, water, and gray & black water support for every system, in case your infrastructure is damaged. UpStar employees can stay on-site to maintain any systems that we may have operating.

porto potty


From single drop units to trailer mounted units with multiple stalls. We provide sanitation options for everything from movie sets to emergency relief.


Showers & Sinks 

Shower options range from single, to multiple, to luxury and deluxe.

Sinks and hygiene stations are available in single-standing faucets and sinks, to antibacterial hand sanitizing stations.


solid waste Removal

For refuse removal we offer open top roll off dumpsters and scheduled services around the times you need. We offer transportation or temporary storage.


Laundry Facilities

Mobile laundry facilities are vital to cleanliness, health, and well-being of a situation. We offer portable laundry trailers with washes and dryers that are ready-to-use. We supply everything from the laundry detergent to power needed to run and maintain all of the appliances.

Our laundry facilities can utilize existing municipal water and sewer connections. They may also be fitted with storage tanks, bladders, and pumps for applications where no utilities are available.