In a moment’s notice, you may need fleets of buses to take workers to and from a disaster site, or you may need to safely transport the public to a different location. Who do you call?…

USA UpStar! We can take you order and have your fleets ready and fueled up within a matter of hours. Available 24/7. Even if your transportation needs include armored vehicle options, we’ve got you covered.

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Buses & Limos

We offer safe and reliable transportation for small and very large groups of people. Having worked with FEMA and other emergency relief agencies, UpStar is experienced in fast response when disaster strikes.

We will help determine the optimal schedule for your group to safely depart and travel, all the way from dispatch to drop-off.

We are your go-to source for a reliable emergency transportation.

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Freight Trucks

During natural disasters or emergencies… Moments and seconds count. We understand the need of ready-now emergency shipping and freight trucks to get materials and supplies to their destination fast.

Last minute corporate needs… Last minute trade show needs and corporate events often call for help to get their set-ups or equipment to a site ASAP. We can accommodate these situations.

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Armored Cars

For government officials, company executives, celebrities, and any high profile clients, we have a long list of armored vehicles to choose from.

  • Different models

  • Different sizes

  • Different terrain needs

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emergency airport transfers

Are you dealing with a major airport closing due to weather or terrorist activity? We have emergency buses available for use on a lighting-fast turnaround. UpStar helps transfers passengers comfortably to nearby hotels, other airports, and other destinations.